Friday, June 12, 2009

fun fair at C4 on 11/06/09

Wah, so happy sit on this plane ,but why can't moving de???mummy faster come to help me leh...
MUM: my dear chen2 ..this only for u sit to wait aunty coming to collect mommy item lah..cant moving de..cos no pay money .hehe
*If mummy really pay money sure chen2 scare this sound plane.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Daddy cny cloth

Here all is daddy cny new cloth ,the red colour one design daddy have 3 colour,(black ,white and red)
the pants is CK and the Top is Esprit all is here daddy cny new cloth.

2nd Poko Jang in 2nd batch

Chen:This is my mummy change forme 2nd poko jang in 2nd batch de...i likt it very very much .this is very cute chicky i never seem before de..
Mummy:Hope chen chen like it very much also,but i still keep it and dun let him paly so much toys.before that have a goatsy already.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chinhuei son - Ethan bday party on 10/01/09

Today chen2 very happy cos can go to ethan party,then aftn just snap a while oni and wait mummy fetch him from aunty house.
i think he very enjoy the party feel,see many people and friend in there and can play the balloon drink juice and delicious food,after that can play with mascot again.
We stay at chin huei house until 8pm then go home before go home chin huei have give something gift to chen2 again wah,,,so happy when in car then play himself all the present.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Pantai morib trip on 1/1/09

Hehe ,daddy say today holiday can fetch me family all go to gai gai finally we choose go to morib walk walk.
me and gogo ethan very happy go there and enjoy so much...
hope can go many time on the future holiday...but hor my daddy say want bring me go to Port Dickson on next holiday..wah m y daddy so good hor..hehehhehehe

Chen chen 1st bday

First bday celebrate with my daddy& mummy ,yeye& mama,uncle & aunty .so happy and enjoy with them leh....i hope every year can celebrate with them too.
This cake is Pandan layer flavour.u see me know want enjoy at nite and laugh start from morning until nite....just very happy and wait night day coming.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

chen chen first swimming time

Here is chen chen first swimming time ,firstly i worry he scare ,how know play the water in more time then he just brave liao..can catch the tortoise again.his gugu say if we put the fresh fish better cos chen chen can eat fresh fish on the spot.this time also first swimming with koko ethan.wah urs see little 2 so enjoy neh ..